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The Hot Wheels and Baby Steps Tour

Aaron is performing both his award nominated shows Hot Wheels and Baby Steps. He wishes he spent longer on the name.


Hot Wheels

A few years ago, Aaron gained a nickname based solely on being in a wheelchair. Understandably this upset him as there is much more to him than his disability. Annoyingly though, it’s actually a really cool nickname.

Discover the positive side of being disabled, from having a blue badge to sex in disabled toilets, meeting “Jesus” and everything in between. 

Baby Steps

Aaron has been doing stand-up comedy without standing up for 9 years now, and it’s time for that to change! So, he’s attempting to do something he’s never done before… Stand-up comedy, standing up.

"A natural storyteller and the audience are rapt."

**** - The Wee Review

"The show is a rollercoaster filled with constant laughs." **** - Theatre and Tonic

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