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Simmonds’s comedic style is story-based, with clever one-liners interspersed throughout. He offers sharply-observed comedy which is grounded in his disability, but is by no means limited by it.  Amiable, likeable and with a commanding presence on stage, Aaron is an exciting talent and is destined for great things.

Aaron performed his critically-acclaimed debut show, Disabled Coconut, at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019. It detailed a complicated relationship alongside the absurdity of “competitive disability”. Some people have got the idea, he explains, that because of his upper body strength and background in sport, he is “not disabled enough


Aaron Simmonds has been failing to stand up for 30 years; luckily he is far better at comedy than standing up. He has a unique perspective on life, usually of people's belly buttons, which gives him stories to tell, and a sore neck.

"A comedian going places" **

**Places that are wheelchair accessible

Aaron’s comedy demonstrates expert storytelling, whilst packing jokes and opportunities for mirth into every moment.

Aaron Simmonds on stage.jpeg


When Aaron decided to adapt Disabled Coconut into a sitcom, he invited his longtime friend and comedy confidante Jon Stapley to collaborate. A professional journalist, writer and editor living in London, Jon provided a much-welcomed perspective on matters like the correct spelling of “patronising”.


Together, the pair have crafted a sitcom pilot that received a Commendation in the “Screenshot” competition organised by South of the River and SISTER, and reached the final six for the BBC’s inaugural Galton & Simpson bursary out of more than 2,500 applicants.

"anecdotal gold.. a supremely confident and intelligent performer"


"weaves an overarching story into multiple anecdotes, calling back to them masterfully throughout the hour"

The Wee Review

"a man with plenty attitude and a keen sense of the right humorous stuff"

The List

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